Sunday, April 5, 2009


We just gave them to you for the hell of it.
tried to adjust them so that they'd fit
thought it was kinda cute...
Now i realize it was because i was scared.
Couldn't just flat out say, yo dude..wife me.
Spoke your name in code for days, scratch that weeks...fuck all that freedom of speech.
And all my thoughts of you seem to end with "if only you knew".
But instead you like pump fake philly girls that give a quick chew.
I guess i'll understand.. and with time i'll become numb
It wasn't up to me, you just got stuck with "bubblegum".
i still think its cute and dude you are even hotter
nah chill, i made it sound like you got me hot and bothered.
It was never that deep, cause i never really knew you
Still don't know how to hold a convo.. cause i never really knew you.
Don't know youre favorite band, designer, friend, or color..
oh shit, i said color.. man, that was just another :)
Kayne's new song makes me think of you.
Smile, then i get over you.
Never last for long;
cause your late nite texts make me listen to slow ne-yo songs.
I tried to do handstands for you; but everytime i fell.
I tried to do handstands for you but everytime i fell...4 U.
-chill. just crushin